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    “Rise Above“ is the first solo release by John Eggers.   On this intensely personal collection of songs, Eggers plays all the instruments with well-crafted agility and sings in a voice that walks across the tightrope of power and tenderness.   Uniting all the streams that flow through this creative mind, this album while introspective, is universal in its themes, to the point that we can all find ourselves in his songs.  All the layers of this effort hang together seamlessly; no doubt many hours of work were lovingly bestowed on this album, from the layers of acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, keys and even a turn at string arrangement. 

    But it is the haunting, dreamlike-quality of John’s lead vocals blended with his own backing vocals, which remind one of personal battles with the inner voices in our own heads. Exploring themes such as love, innocence, alienation and dreams deferred, this album moves beyond introspection and plants a brilliant flag of defiance in the hard ground of existence. 

    Each time you listen to “Rise Above“, you will hear new things and dream new dreams.  This is an exciting, solid effort from a thoughtful and unique musical voice.

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The STORIES  page has a memoir, a short story or two, and few quotes

Hello ... I’m John Eggers and this is my production site. This site is generally devoted to work I have produced with other artists;  I have 15 or so of my own songs on my ReverbNation site. It is an admittedly eclectic mix.

I’m looking for my next production project(s); I’m also very interested in new playing opportunities.

My goal is always to help those I work with make the most vital and memorable music that we can possibly make.

Onward and upward!

EXIT 10’s EP “Demimonde”- Demimonde has been selling slowly but surely and receiving airplay globally. Check out the artwork by Tom Shultz/Creative Attitude below.

   Ted Onulak is a sonic metaphor for dancing at a party with a lampshade on your head.” 

                             John Kanzler/ Newark Star Ledger 

“Demimonde is the newest release on House of Ideas Records and builds on the international success of “Blues Noir”. “Demimonde” weaves together the collective influences of the band over Ted’s eclectic compositions. “Demimonde” features poetic lyrics (some award winning), tight ensemble playing and scorching hot instrumental work. Strong blues and R&B roots are evident as well as Latin, psychedelic and hard rock.

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MUSIC VIDEO- Scatterframe Pictures/ Imaginary Shadows Productions in association with House of Ideas have produced a video for “Days of Steel” by the Big Wide Open. Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA (Steel Town USA) you can see it here.

NEW EXIT 10 singles recently released- “the Way I Love You”, “Run Johnny Run” (see music page) and “Brand New Wine”.

    Other than Mr. Knick Knack’s lead and harmony vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar I play all the instruments you hear; basically I agreed to act as Knick Knack’s “band”, as he wanted a band but didn’t have a band. I also added a string section to two songs (something I very much enjoy doing). I wrote and sang many backing vocals parts also. Wrote guitar themes, arrangements and burned out all the leads.


Below are three albums I have produced.  Please go to the MUSIC page to listen to selections from these records and from other artists I have worked with.

MUSIC VIDEO- a PSA I produced (and shot and edited) can be seen here. The song is “Take Me Home” written and sung by Lizz Mercier who, I believe, has more talent than any one person rightfully should have. I play guitar.